Secondary Mathematics Laboratory

For Observers

The Secondary Math Lab is designed to make the work of teaching and learning visible. Anyone is welcome to attend the SML. It provides a unique opportunity for all observers to work together on complex issues of teaching and learning. It can also be use by teams of people who work together in the afternoon or evening either on something directly related to the morning instruction or on other work, such as a group of teachers in the same school planning the fall curriculum, with the morning experience in the lab class providing a common grounding. SML staff will not be organizing additional professional development this year outside of the lab itself.

We are able to provide free registration for all participant observers for the summer of 2012.

Attendance at daily pre-briefs/de-briefs is required for observers. Because the work is collective and builds across the two weeks, attending from the start is strongly encouraged. For observers not attending the full two weeks, please time your visit earlier rather than later and, if you will not be attending the first day, please communicate with SML staff about your plans.

Schedule for Observers.

To register for observation at the 2012 Secondary Math Lab, please click here.