Secondary Mathematics Laboratory

2012 Secondary Math Lab

Taught by Robert Moses — civil rights leader, Algebra Project founder, and mathematics teacher — the Secondary Math Lab (SML) is a two-week algebra course that draws heavily on curriculum developed by the Algebra Project. Moses works with SML staff and participants to create rich mathematical experiences designed to accelerate, rather than remediate, the mathematics learning of students in the summer before they enter high school.

In addition to providing underserved students an opportunity to participate in a high quality mathematics course, the laboratory setting makes it possible to study teaching practice and student learning “live” each day in real time, benefiting from the collective expertise of the group. Observers have an opportunity to discuss the lesson with each other and the teacher before and after each lesson. The group includes pre-service and practicing teachers, mathematicians, researchers, and teacher educators.

The SML is an interactive program designed to support students often not well served by schooling. It also provides teachers, researchers, mathematicians, and other stakeholders an opportunity to work together to solve complex problems of teaching and learning.

This year the SML will take place  August 6th to 17th, Monday through Friday,

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